By Lighting Design Culturetech means any expression or suggestion with luminous combinations of the essence, the harmony, the rhythm, the mystery, the utopia of an oeuvre.
Culturetech intends to regard light as a sculpture material and bridges imagination, poetry and technical nature.
Using architectural, theatrical and scenographical propensities, Culturetech is taking advantage of available opportunities to incorporate new technologies or experimental approaches.

Culturetech design specifies and programmes high end ultimate lighting systems.
Culturech has high rank contact within the wide and obscure leds manufacturing world.
These facilities are central controlled via Art-Net, DALI, DMX512, WiFi /Zigbee protocols.
The parameters of circadian light analyzed in real time by heliometers could be added to the synchronization. A network of sensors is then judiciously dispatched into the buildings.
When necessary Culturetech designs and manufactures the lighting fixtures that meet closer to applications.
Culturetech facilities are distributed at low voltage. A DC central electrical distribution set-up, reduces equipment and build up costs. The cables fit more easily in any surfaces especially in heritage buildings.


Culturetech is permanently busy dreaming up new things to give away.
We bring creative ideas adds-on to immersive and interactive complex displays.
Culturetech design and produce the delivery of panoramic, dome, extreme warping projections when any architectural form becomes a projection surface. Projections onto each internal cube or cylinder faces are foreseen.
From complete audiovisual system and connectivity to Multitouch experiences, Culturetech provides the technical choice and specifications which assimilate each creator's visions.
Culturetech's systems are integrated into audiovisual and showcontrol system design.


Each Culturetech's study presents calculations and drawings for the electrical / data's networks: protection, distribution, wiring sheets for high / low voltage and VDI network.


Project planning.
Tender analysis of and further assistance to contracting owners' mission.
Project management on site.
Operational monitoring and staff training.


Culturetech applies the ideas to museum, permanent and thematic exhibitions, staging and theatres productions, hybrid spaces and corporate or institutional events.
Within the 3 last decades we established a long, rich and unforgettable expertise.


Bernard Freymann and Michel Helson dedicated their 30 years of professional activities to the study and the practice of lighting and audiovisual. They work together on various projects since 1994.
In July 2010, they join their competences, under the name of Culturetech, because any association brings higher enthusiasm and new appropriateness to creativity and engineering.
With an unforgettable cosmopolitan experience, Culturetech assimilate each creator’s visions and develops it faithfully through each project's phases.
Our daily practice in studio, test lab and field thrills our appetite for multidisciplinary technical knowledge and conveys to the use of cutting edge technologies.
The suppleness of our structure adds generosity to our project.

Culturetech January 2014